Necessity or Pleasure?

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One of the things I’ve always known is that whatever profession I took up in life, I wanted it to involve goods or services that people desire rather than merely need. There are things everybody needs: a roof over our head, our appendix removed, new tires for our mini-van. And there’s something about providing people with something they need that just seems a little bit melancholy. Yes, you can often help somebody out of a jam (a flat tire is no fun) or even save their life (see appendix removal); but it would almost feel to me like cheating or taking advantage of somebody to sell them something that they can’t continue without. I mean, they’ve got no choice, right?


Instead, I have always been fascinated with providing people what they could live without, unless I could find a way to make what I provide desirable enough to buy. Interestingly, although I believe wine is plenty desirable without any help from me, it is necessary for someone to provide some experienced guidance to all journeyman wine lovers as they discover more about the endless subject of wine. And helping wine lovers to understand the how and why of this vast world is the way I’ve found to provide my customers with a category of product to desire, to fall in love with, to touch the soul beyond the daily grind of necessity. Let’s face it, Memphis has pretty good tap water and Budweiser is cheap. But people with curious minds and adventurous spirits would usually rather try a new Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir, I’ve found.


And so I have believed for some time that although what we do at Wine Market doesn’t make peoples’ lives possible, it does make their lives better to some small degree. More pleasurable, more tolerable, more fun. I think that if you ask anyone you know who is a chef, novelist, actor, or artist/artisan of any kind, they would agree. We’re here to help you appreciate your life as much as we can, at least in the narrow sliver of your life that our thing represents, whether it’s wine or food or comedy or abstract expressionism. It’s why we’re here on this Earth, because we’ve chosen to make it our life’s work. We’d love to help you if we can.


To that end, I’d like to welcome you to Version 2.0 of www.winemarketmemphis.com. Lindsay Smith, Wine Market Manager and my favorite daughter, has replaced our old rustbucket with a much more complete and modern website that much better represents what Wine Market is today. And we’re going to keep this Blog space current with news of new arrivals, tastings, dinners, recipes and pairings, and an occasional musing about the wine scene in Memphis and the USA.

A Votre Sante!


–Scott Smith, Owner

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