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We’re often asked the question, “Do you sell anything besides wine?” Well the answer is, yes, we do; we carry a full selection of liquor, as well as many new products like cocktail mixers and garnishes, and wine/bar accessories. But the truth is, our favorite section of liquor in the store by far is Scotch. We feel like of all styles of liquor, Scotch Whisky is the most like wine in that the way you produce it can reap innumerable results. What you put into it and how you make it truly affects the flavor, just like wine. And even though we’re getting that little red squiggly line under the word whisky from spell check, we insist on spelling it that way, just as the Scots do. We have compiled some Scotch stories and Scotch picks from the staff, as well as a fun Scotch quiz to test your knowledge and a supremely helpful dramatic reading by actor and friend (we wish) Brian Cox on how to correctly pronounce each Scotch distillery. Cheers!


Scott: Deanston Highland Single Malt Virgin Oak – $39.99
Scott is definitely a Scotch man through and through. His drink of choice when it comes to Scotch in the warm Memphis weather is the Deanston Highland whisky. It’s soft and mellow enough for the summer months, with a not-too-malty and brewed, heady flavor. Scotch is normally thought of as a winter weather drink, but this one is great year round!



Tom: Glenmorangie Nectar D’or Sauternes Cask – $82.99
Tom had been eyeballing this bottle all through the fall, and on Christmas Eve, he decided he had been a good boy and deserved to treat himself to a tasty Holiday treat. He purchased it and immediately offered to let the entire staff taste it, which was an extremely generous offer that is typical of our Tom. We all enjoyed this silky, smooth sip of Scotch as the night fell on Christmas Eve at work. Glenmorangie uses French barrels from the dessert wine Sauternes, made in Bordeaux, to give this whisky a velvety mouthfeel and a silky touch of sweetness and citrus. Delicious – Thanks Tom!glenmorangie nectar


John: Glenfiddich 18 Year – $99.99
This bottle has long been John’s favorite bottle of Scotch in the store. Glenfiddich controls production on their 18 year by limiting it to only 150 casks and has bright, forward oak notes. Apple and pear overtones with flavors of cream, apple pie, and mesquite – but not too much earthy peat on the finish that it’s overpowered.



Lindsay: Monkey Shoulder Blended Scotch Whisky – $31.99
As a newcomer to Scotch, Lindsay was trying to find a good starter bottle to add to her bar. Monkey Shoulder is the perfect style for you if you’re new to Scotch and/or if you love bourbon. It’s a blended whisky made with three Speyside single malts that’s then aged in old bourbon casks to give it a rich vanilla aroma. It’s also not too pricy, which is also nice when you’re new to Scotch and don’t want to invest too much in something you’re not sure you’ll like. And about the name – it’s named for a condition that malt men get from turning barley manually. After a long day of that, malt men’s arms will hang down like a monkey, and that’s where it gets its name.

monkey shoulder


Jim: Oban Little Bay – $89.99
Jim is more of a beer and wine guy, but when he and his wife finally nailed down some exciting plans to visit Scotland, and more specifically, Oban Distillery, he knew he had to get something good to celebrate. He brought this one home to enjoy, and later shared it with the rest of the staff by letting us sample it (we have some seriously generous dudes that work here, no?). This bottle doesn’t have an age statement, but it sees a good bit of oak. It has a soft mouthfeel but also holds some heat and spice in its flavor profile. This bottle is something to celebrate in itself, and we can’t wait to drool over pictures that Jim brings back from his trip to Oban later this summer.

oban little bay


Kate: Highland Park 18 Year – $129.99
This Scotch is full of smoke and peat that might knock you over if your name isn’t Kate. It inspired her to write her first pick on a product in the store after just a few weeks on the job. Opens with intense smokiness, with a peaty but softly sweet finish. Kate says it tastes like Norwegian black metal…and yes, she has expensive tastes.


How Much Do You Actually Know About Scotch Quiz: Copy and paste this link your browser to test your knowledge!

Actor Brian Cox Correctly Pronounces Names of Scotch Distilleries


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